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New AirBnb Offers History And Access To Downtown New Albany

Andrew Carter has a passion for rescuing old historical homes from disrepair and demolition. Along with his team, he has rescued and renovated multiple homes and buildings in New Albany and has given them new life.

With his most recent project Andrew told us "We very quickly had the end vision for what this was going to be before we started." That vision was to restore an old historic boarding house and turn it into a completely renovated boarding house of the contemporary variety; an Airbnb now known as 'Stay On Bank'.

The old dilapidated building at 207 Bank St, which once housed travelers visiting the area, has been given a second lease on life to once again provide short term housing and respite to those seeking to partake in the robust offerings that modern day New Albany has developed.

The 812 Living Group had an opportunity to sit down with Andrew to talk about the history of the building, the long and arduous renovation process, and to get details on the updated Stay On Bank Airbnb. Take a look:

Andrew documented the buildings transformation on his YouTube channel, 'Reclaimed Living Home Restoration'. You can see what it looked like when he first acquired it, then he walks you along the journey of tearing down and fortifying the main structure, and then finally rebuilding it into what it is today.

You can find those videos here:

Mike Schoonover, the lead Realtor of the 812 Living Group, had an opportunity to spend the night at Stay On Bank. Here's what he had to say:

"The first thing you notice is just the beauty of the restored building. A mural painted on the side gives a pop of color and really lets the building stand out from it's surroundings. The room was clean, well laid out, and provided the essentials for my stay. Andrew and his wife were well organized and gave clear instructions so checking in and checking out where a breeze. But the main appeal was being right downtown near all of the action. Everything we wanted to do on our stay there -- eating at our favorite restaurant, dessert, entertainment, and a walk along the river -- it was all within a short casual walk from the Airbnb."

Stay On Bank is a great addition to downtown New Albany. In some sense, it is an addition that never truly left, it just got lost for a little while until Andrew's team found it.

Andrew told us, "when someone is coming to stay ... they are experiencing the exact same experience that someone did a hundred years ago ... coming and staying in the boarding house and being right in the hub of downtown."

His team has pulled history forward into the future to allow us the opportunity to experience a touch of the past at Stay On Bank.


If you'd like to learn more about Stay On Bank or to book a stay, visit:


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