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What Is Happening With Home Sales In Southern Indiana?

Southern Indiana Real Estate Market Analysis 2024


The real estate market is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, with various indicators that offer insights into its current state and future trends. By examining the year-over-year data for active listings, new listings, sales volume, median sales prices, and average days on the market (DOM), we can glean valuable information that aids stakeholders in making informed decisions. This report analyzes the trends within our local real estate market over the course of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

Active Listings

Active listings have seen a modest year-over-year increase, suggesting a stable to slightly growing inventory from January to March. The steady rise in active listings from January (554 to 575) and February (520 to 527) to March (462 to 499) in 2024 compared to 2023 reflects a market that is gradually offering more options to prospective buyers.

New Listings

New listings present a mixed picture, with a slight increase in January from 362 to 385 listings, followed by a decrease in February from 328 to 313 listings, and a rebound in March from 333 to 351 listings. This fluctuation may indicate a market responding to external factors, possibly affecting seller confidence.

Sales Volume

Sales volume offers a perspective on market demand. While January (173 to 196) and February (244 to 269) of 2024 saw an increase in the number of sales compared to 2023, March observed a significant drop from 351 to 282 sales. This reduction could signal a shift in buyer activity, which may need further examination.

Median Sales Prices

Although specific figures were not provided, median sales price trends generally indicate the market's pricing environment. An upward trend can signal increased buyer competition and a seller's market, while a downward trend might reflect an excess of supply over demand.

Average Days on Market (DOM)

The DOM increased across the board for the first quarter of 2024, indicating a slowdown in the pace of sales. Homes took longer to sell, with DOM rising from 90 to 95 days in January, 87 to 98 days in February, and 88 to 94 days in March.

New Construction Sales Trends

The data for new construction sales over the last four months shows a positive trajectory:

  • December 2023: There were 44 new constructions sold, a figure that likely reflects the typical market slowdown during the holiday season.

  • January 2024: Sales dipped to 36, continuing the trend of reduced activity typically seen in post-holiday months.

  • February 2024: A significant increase to 57 sales indicates a resurgence in buyer interest and market activity, potentially due to the start of the spring selling season.

  • March 2024: Sales continued to climb, reaching 66, which could suggest growing consumer confidence and a strong appetite for new construction homes.

Incorporating the new construction sales data into our broader market analysis, several key points emerge:

  • The rise in new construction sales corresponds with an increase in overall sales volume in January and February 2024, followed by a decrease in March for pre-owned homes. This might indicate a shift in buyer preference toward newly built homes during this period.

  • The growing number of new construction sales, alongside a slight increase in active and new listings, suggests that the market is able to absorb this new inventory without negatively impacting the sale of existing homes.

  • The rise in average days on market (DOM) and the simultaneous increase in new construction sales could indicate that while buyers are taking longer to purchase, they are particularly interested in new constructions, possibly due to modern amenities, energy efficiency, or a desire for move-in-ready properties.

The trend of increasing new construction sales is an optimistic sign for the real estate market. It reflects a healthy demand for new homes and may also point to a wider economic recovery, as new construction is often driven by consumer demand and purchasing power. Real estate professionals should note this trend and consider the growing demand for new constructions in their market strategies.

For buyers, the data suggests that despite a more competitive market for new homes, there may be opportunities to find newly constructed properties as the inventory continues to grow. For sellers, particularly of existing homes, it may be advisable to highlight unique features or competitive pricing to stand out in a market where buyers have a growing interest in new construction.


The local real estate market has shown signs of increased inventory, as seen by the rise in both active and new listings. Despite this, the early months of 2024 saw a healthy appetite among buyers, as demonstrated by higher sales volume. However, the slowdown in March 2024, both in terms of sales and a modest increase in inventory, coupled with the rise in DOM, suggests a potential cooling off.

The mixed signals in new listings and the overall increase in DOM require sellers to be more strategic in their pricing and marketing approaches. Real estate professionals should guide their clients to capitalize on the early-year momentum and adjust to the shifting landscape as the year progresses.

The inclusion of new construction sales data presents an intriguing layer to our real estate market analysis. While the overall market in early 2024 showed increased inventory and longer DOM, new construction sales notably increased from February (57) to March (66). This rise in sales of newly built homes, despite a broader market cooldown, may point to shifting consumer preferences. Buyers seem to be gravitating towards new constructions, perhaps enticed by the prospect of modern designs, customizable options, or the lack of immediate maintenance issues that can be prevalent in older homes.

This trend has significant implications for market dynamics. The increasing interest in new construction homes could potentially draw attention away from older inventory, pressuring sellers of existing homes to adjust their expectations and strategies. It underscores a possible shift in market sentiment, where buyers are willing to wait longer (as indicated by the rising DOM) for the right property, notably if it's newly constructed.

Moreover, the rise in new construction sales could also be indicative of an expanding market segment. If the trend continues, it could signal a sustained period of growth within the construction sector and encourage further development, contributing positively to the local economy.


The analysis of the 2023-2024 real estate market data reveals a nuanced environment. 

The steady growth in new construction sales from the end of 2023 into the first quarter of 2024, against the backdrop of a general market softening, suggests a dichotomy. On one side, we have a market that is experiencing slower movement in existing home sales, and on the other, a burgeoning new construction sector that is capturing buyer interest.

For real estate stakeholders, understanding these nuanced shifts is crucial. Sellers of existing homes may need to innovate their marketing or adjust pricing to compete with the allure of new constructions. For buyers, the market offers a growing inventory of new homes, but this comes with the need for patience and potentially higher competition for these desirable properties.

In conclusion, the real estate market appears to be in a state of flux, with traditional and new construction segments appealing to different buyer demographics. Real estate professionals must adapt to these changes, positioning themselves to cater to the varying needs of buyers and sellers in a market that is gradually becoming more segmented. The promising uptick in new construction sales heralds a dynamic time for the industry, ripe with opportunities for those ready to navigate its complexities. Stay tuned.


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