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Sellsersburg Master Gardener Helps Others Go 'From Dream To Seed'

Jessica McCollum is a Southern Indiana resident and Master Gardener who hosts a Facebook page and YouTube channel called From Dream to Seed.

Her social media channels are dedicated to helping "gardeners with easy to follow and helpful tips". She is passionate about helping beginning gardeners find the confidence to start growing plants and flowers regardless of how much or how little land they have to work with.

One unique feature of Jessica's garden is that it sits on a half acre lot in a local Sellersburg subdivision. When we asked her what her neighbors think of her backyard garden she flashed a smile and said "Well, I bribe them with free produce."

From Dream To Seed has built a following of over 80,000 people who regularly read her posts and watch her videos for gardening tips.

Below is our interview with Jessica:

Jessica has taken her passion for gardening and is sharing it with the Southern Indiana community and people around the world.

Her goal is to help people take the steps needed to get from having a dream of growing a beautiful garden someday to actually putting seeds in the ground and watching them grow.

You can find more gardening tips and tricks from Jessica on you Facebook page here or on her YouTube Channel here .


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