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Jail, Real Estate Investing, & Helping Others Succeed

"Jail is better than college."

Shane Garza said he lost himself in college, but found himself in jail. His time in college started off full of hope and opportunity but all that was derailed by focusing "way too much on partying."

In our interview with Shane he talks about how his first two years in jail were a blur and that he simply wasted the days away waiting for the day until he could get out. But then something clicked inside of him. He realized that being in jail was, in his words "an incredible opportunity". OPPORTUNITY?

You'll hear in the interview why he saw opportunity in a place where most only see doom and gloom, and how Shane turned his life around in jail and started his path to success while still behind bars.

Once Shane got out of jail he immediately got a job, and then as quickly as he could he started investing in real estate. Over the last 5 years or so, Shane and his team have invested in approximately 200 different properties and they are still going strong.

Now he wants to take some of his time, his seemingly endless energy, and all that he has learned and he wants to help others find the success that he has.

But it's not all about business and real estate with Shane. Talking to him in the interview and off-camera, you can sense that he has a purpose and a mission that drives him (in fact it's written in giant letters on the wall in his office). He cares deeply about the clients he coaches and he wants them to taste what he has and the life, or as he states, "the freedom", it now affords him.

In a recent Facebook post Shane penned:

"I’ve found that failure is an experience which lends to wisdom that ultimately makes us stronger versions of ourselves."

Shane freely admits he's made mistakes in life and in business. When I asked him directly if he has failed in business, he didn't hide from it. With a small grin he said, "Yeah, I've lost some money...".

The inspiring thing about Shane and his message is how he now views failure. Shane has failed worse than many of us will ever fail. The kind of failure that takes your freedom away, at least for a period of time. But he learned to view that failure as "feedback" and with that feedback he looks for opportunity in his life and his real estate dealings. He is now moving into a phase of his life and work where he wants to help others find those opportunities as well.

To learn more about Shane Garza and his real estate coaching program, visit his website at or find him on social media where he posts lots of free information and inspiring content for aspiring real estate investors:

Facebook Business Page:

If you have questions about anything you heard in the video or are considering getting into real estate investing, reach out to us at We'd love to help you get the information you need to get started.



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