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Give AND Receive At This Fundraiser For Local Schools

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Fun events are great. Fun events that benefit a good cause are even better.

With that in mind, the Greater Clark Educational Foundation (who's name I unfortunately misstated several times in the video below) is putting on a social event called 'Men of Greater' to help raise funds to benefit STEM education within Greater Clark County Schools.

The event is taking place on September 9th and is being hosted at ARC in Jeffersonville, which should only add to the cool factor of the evening. (Check out this link to see some pictures of the ARC building

We had the opportunity to interview Scott Minton who is the fundraising chair of GCEF, and he shared details of what attendees can expect at the Men of Greater event. Click on the video below...

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools missed out on a lot of fundraising opportunities in 2020. This event will serve as a start to helping fill in some of those financial gaps.

For more info on the 'Men of Greater' event, click here:

And to purchase tickets, click here:

As Mr. Minton mentioned in the video, there is an additional event called 'Women of Greater' that takes place on September 16th that will be geared towards the ladies. This sets up a friendly Men vs. Women contest to see which group can raise the most money for local education.

For more details on the 'Women of Greater' event, click here:


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