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Get This Special Builder Incentive While It Lasts

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

"We don't just build, we create", is a motto that Ryan Hodskins and his team at Rybuilt Custom Homes live by (and play by, apparently - see video below).

Rybuilt Custom Homes has been building in Southern Indiana for nearly a decade now and they have a growing reputation from being one of the premier custom home builders in our area.

Prior to meeting Ryan Hodskins several years ago, I (Mike Schoonover) was driving through a local neighborhood scouting building lots for my clients before we met with the builder to discuss having a home built for them. As I was moving through the subdivision streets I noticed a gentleman picking up trash from around one of the worksites. The next day I was surprised when that same gentleman walked up to us and introduced himself as owner and builder, Ryan Hodksins.

Over the years I've come to admire Ryan for the fact that even though he is the owner of a successful home construction company, he never shies away from getting his hands dirty or meeting with clients face-to-face to understand the dream they have for their home and how he can help them make it a reality.

I recently sat down with Ryan and his preferred lender, Josh Gillespie with Kentuckiana Mortgage Group to talk about:

  • Rybuilt's current projects

  • A limited time special incentive they are offering

  • And how Kentuckiana Mortgage Group can help buyers get the best deal on financing when buying one of Rybuilt's custom homes.

Take a look:

As mentioned in the video, Rybuilt currently has two homes that will be move-in ready prior to Christmas 2022. Here is a link to see the two different floor plans Ryan mentioned (The Beckley and The Abilene):

If you click on the floor plan picture, it will show you some of the unique design features of each home.

We haven't had a move-in ready house [that wasn't already sold] in more than tw0 years

- Ryan Hodskins

While the market has shifted a bit, for now, Ryan and his team have created a way for buyers to get their dream home and use the special incentive funds in one of three ways:

  1. Buydown their fixed mortgage rate

  2. Use toward closing costs

  3. Certain upgrades with Rybuilt

When working with our buyer clients, one worry they often have when looking to build a home is "what is our first step?" One thing we have found with Rybuilt is that they seek to make the process easy and enjoyable for their clients by making the first step a simple conversation.

For those who want to consider having a house built by Ryan and his team, we will help arrange a meeting in order to exchange information about the house you want to build, your timeline, and so on and in return receive information about how Rybuilt works, what the building process looks like, etc.

This conversation often leads to more information gathering until you get to the point of being ready to start designing your new home. Our team at the 812 Living Group, Ryan's building team, and his team of Realtors at The Paxton Group will be there with you each step of the way from the first shovel to the handing over of the keys to the house.

If you are interested in taking the next step, reach out at to schedule a conversation.

The special builder incentive lasts through the end of this 2022, so if you want to take advantage of it, schedule your call today.



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