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Convo With A Councilman: Clarksville Edition

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Convo with a councilman Clarksville Indiana

At the 812 Living Group, we are constantly trying to keep you on the forefront of what is happening across Southern Indiana. So what better way to do that then to go straight to the local leaders who are helping shape the area.

This week we sat down with Clarksville Town Councilman, A.D. Stonecipher to get the inside scoop on what's happing in Clarksville.

A.D. shared about:

- The massive Origin Park project and what it means to Clarksville and the surrounding area

- The Clarksville Main St project that is coming to completion and what he expects going forward

- And his thoughts on housing affordability and availability in the town

Check out our interview here:

Origin Park has the potential to reshape this area dramatically and for the better. Here is a link to the details and plans for this massive undertaking:

And with the Main St project coming to completion, it literally paves the for the South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan to take shape. Architect and design firm MKSK has put together a website with all of the details and visuals that show the full scope of the project:

These are just a couple of the things to be excited about in Clarksville. We plan to follow up with Councilman Stonecipher in a few months to see what's coming next, but for now the future seems bright for this Sunnyside town.


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