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A Local Storyteller Helps Tell Our Story

Sometimes it takes a storyteller to help you discover and tell your own story.

For more than a decade, our lead agent Mike Schoonover has been helping people across Southern Indiana navigate through the journey of buying and selling homes. But even more that, his mission has been to connect people to the community where they live.

It wasn't until Josh Van Der Merwe of VDM Media came calling that the 812 Living Group's mission and purpose truly became a story to be told.

"Josh met with us before he ever turned on the camera and helped draw out the story of who we are as a real estate team", Mike Schoonover shared. "We knew how we were helping people and we knew we had a passion for our community, but Josh helped us craft that message to help us communicate it better to others."

Once the story was developed, Josh used his camera and his artistic experience to work with us to bring our message to life.

Below is Josh's creation and the story of how we want to serve the people of Southern Indiana:

Yes, we help people with real estate transactions, but that is just part of how we want to give value to our clients.

For the last 10 years we have built relationships with contractors and service providers all across our area that we can recommend to our clients when they are in need. We were thrilled to have two of them featured in our video: English Roofing and Kentuckiana Mortgage Group. -

Additionally, each and every week we post information about local events and pertinent real estate news our clients can use to our blog at

For our clients past and present, we send out private reports and first-look information to help them stay up to date about what's happening in our market.

We love our community, we are committed to serving the people of Southern Indiana, and we strive to help them live and thrive where their homes are.

*A special thanks to Josh Van Der Merwe of VDM Media for helping us tell our story. If you'd like to find out how Josh can help you tell your story, visit:


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