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Seller's Marketing Plan

Hiring a Realtor who doesn't have a top-notch marketing plan could cost you thousands of dollars. Let us show you how we offer MORE.

We Help Your Home Stand Out

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The housing market is crowded.  Dozens of new homes hit our market each day.  If your house doesn't stand out, it will get lost in the crowd.

Over the years, and hundreds of homes we have sold, we have created a tried-and-true marketing plan that is effective at getting your home sold and goes way beyond simply putting a sign in your yard like other Realtors do

Here is our Marketing Plan for getting your home SOLD!



We want buyers to find your home wherever real estate can be found. So we pride ourselves on using social media and other digital marketing to spread news of your home far and wide.



We offer staging guidance on every listing to make sure your home is at it's absolute best for our Hi-Def pictures.  r staging guidance on every listing to make sure your home is at it's absolute best for our Hi-Def pictures.




We research the local markets and national trends so always know where real estate values are today and where they are heading. We use this knowledge to guide and benefit our sellers.


Pictures are the first look most buyers will get of your home so they have to standout.  We hire a professional real estate photographer to take Hi-Def, wide angle pictures of your home to present to the market.



Signs have been around as long as real estate sales. But our signs give potential buyers the opportunity to connect with us in the way modern buyers feel most comfortable, via phone, text, or automated info.



We enhance our digital marketing efforts by taking your home to people directly.  We notify the hundreds of agents in our market that your home is for sale and invite them to bring their buyers to purchase it. It's old school, but it works.


We enhance all of our marketing efforts with paid advertising.  Buy using lead generating social media ads and eye catching landing pages we advertise your property to keep it top of mind with buyers.


Locally, Keller Williams has over a thousand agents that serve the Kentuckiana market and we have hundreds of thousands of agents worldwide.  We leverage this network to make sure if there is a buyer anywhere in the area or anywhere in the world, they will know that your home is for sale.

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