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Upland Jeffersonville Brings A New Menu, But Keeps The Old View

For those who remember dining at Buckhead’s Mountain Grill in Jeffersonville, you can walk into the New Upland Jeffersonville and see immediately that the beautiful river view has not changed a bit.

But what has changed is the owner of the property and the menu. Upland Brewing Co based out of Bloomington, Indiana, just launched the opening of their newest location on the river in downtown Jeffersonville.

Upland is known for their beer. In fact they are one of Indiana’s largest brewers with locations around the state. Pairing their beer with some upscale pub food and that inspiring riverfront city view should keep them as a staple of the Jeffersonville food and drink scene for years to come.

We were one of the first in the door for lunch at Upland’s Grand Opening on Friday. The place was clean, updated, and has an amazing ambience for dining or grabbing a drink with friends. The interior retains much of the appeal that the former establishment had with wood beams across the ceilings, a nice open feel, and lots of glass with views of the water and Louisville skyline. Throw in the outdoor seating and it retains one of the best atmospheres in all of Southern Indiana for a meal out.

From salads to burgers, nachos to pizza, the food items resemble that of a typical bar and grill. But I found that Upland’s execution of these items gave them more of a premium twist. Take the burgers for example, the meat is locally sourced from Fischer Farms out of nearby Jasper Indiana. You can also substitute local bison or select an Impossible Burger for a vegetarian option. And whatever your choice, they all come on a premium bun.

The pizzas, which are stone fired, also have an upgraded feel whether you choose the Margherita, the Panopolous, or my personal favorite the “Ron Swanson” which is topped with a variety of meats, enough to make the tv character for whom it is named after, very proud.

I was pleased to see that Upland does have a number of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options on their menu. And there are enough different items on their menu that I had to spend some time studying the list before finally deciding on what I wanted to order.

By my count, Upland Jeffersonville has around 20 different of their own beers on tap including several that change with the seasons, a few sour ales, and several in-house hard seltzers. And while I didn’t see the list, one of the staff informed me that they do have a full bar serving cocktails and other non-beer drinks.

For those who loved Buckhead’s you’ll be pleased to still find the amazing atmosphere you were accustomed to. And while you might not find the Kentucky Hot Brown and Fried Green Tomatoes of menus past, Upland Jeffersonville has created an offering of high-quality and unique foods of their own to accompany their Hoosier-born craft beers.

I think you’re gonna like it here.

Welcome, Upland Jeffersonville to The 812.

Check out Upland Jeffersonville's menu of food and drinks here:


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