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The 10 Most Instagramable Places In Southern Indiana

Southern Indiana is filled with wonderful restaurants, shops, and entertainment facilities. And a 30-minute drive around the area will offer you everything from river scenes, to wide open fields, to rolling hills, along with a variety of different views in between.

But some places are more photogenic, or what the young people call “Instagrammable”, than others.

It is in that in mind that we present our completely unscientific list of the 10 spots in the 812 where you are most likely to see people snapping selfies to post on The Gram.

1. The Big 4 Bridge - Downtown Jeffersonville

The Big 4 Bridge is an old railroad bridge connecting Jeffersonville, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky that was converted to a pedestrian bridge in 2014. The bridge has space for walkers and bikers and is well lit allowing for nighttime pedestrian traffic. The landing areas on each side of the river offer nearby parks, restaurants, entertainment, and views of the Ohio River. The bridge is also covered in color-changing LED lighting which adds to the photo appeal after the sun sets.

* Photos Courtesy of 812 Living Group

2. New Albany Amphitheater - New Albany

This New Albany, Indiana amphitheater is home to concerts, festivals, and other live events. Whether you are just stopping by for the view or attending a special event, the picturesque setting near the banks of the Ohio River begs to be photographed. It’s proximity to the Sherman Minton bridge and downtown New Albany shops and restaurants makes it a must-see stop on your next Instagram adventure.

* Photo Courtesy of Oliver Mahata

3. Mount Saint Francis - Floyd’s Knobs

The history of Mount Saint Francis is as interesting as the views it offers. While most locals identify it as being a part of Floyd’s Knobs, it is technically it’s own unincorporated community. For more on the history of this beautiful place, we’ll leave you to explore their website, but to truly explore what this place has to offer you’ll want to visit and explore it’s 400 acres of woods, fields, and a small lake that highlights the property. Mount Saint Francis also offers special events throughout the year that you can find on their website.

* PhotoCourtesy of Bailey Houston

*Photo Courtesy of Holly Kruer

4. Lewis and Clark Bridge - Utica

During construction, this bridge was known as the East End Bridge and many local residents still refer to it by that name. When construction was completed and the bridge opened on December 18,2016 it was renamed the Lewis and Clark Bridge. The bridge spans 8.5 miles across the Ohio River and the cable design gives it a visual appeal. The bridge has a walking path the runs one side of the bridge and makes for a great place or a walk or jog and to take pictures of the river, the surrounding houses, and the bridge itself. A nearby parking lot on the Indiana side offers a convenient place to park and begin your adventure.

* Photos Courtesy of Sam Broady

5. NoCo Arts & Cultural District - Downtown Jeffersonville

There is no shortage of backgrounds for taking pictures at Jeffersonville’s most colorful spot. The NoCo Arts & Cultural District is an amazing partnership between the city and it's local artists. The area is filled with colorful artwork that is both fun and functional and it offers a great environment for the local events hosted here. Maker-13, The Preston Arts Center, The Vintage Fire Museum are just a few of the photo-worthy attractions that make up NoCo. This area will only continue to grow in popularity as we move out from under covid-19 restrictions. It is a must-see on your photo taking journey across Southern Indiana.

* Photo Courtesy of Anna Schoonover

* Photos Courtesy of Oliver Mahata

6. Falls of the Ohio State Park - Clarksville

The park is situated on the banks of the Ohio River in Clarksville. It is known as the historic place where William Clark and Meriwether Lewis met to begin the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The falls, an exposed fossil bed, the Louisville city skyline, and the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge combine to make this state park a popular backdrop for pictures of all kinds. Hikes out onto the fossil beds are allowed and an interpretive center tells the history of the area. Special events are held here throughout the year.

* Photos Courtesy of 812 Living Group

7. Rose Island - Charlestown State Park

Rose Island is located within Charlestown State Park. Hiking the trail to Rose Island seems like any other hike until you begin to see the remnants of what used to be an old abandoned theme park. These leftovers from a time gone by make for great Instagram posts. And when you see the beauty of this area that sits between Fourteen Mile Creek and the Ohio River, you can see why someone would want to put a theme park here. Guided hikes are offered by park rangers and there are a several signs that describe the history of what used to be.

* Photo Courtesy of Bailey Houston

* Photo Courtesy of Norm Leach

8. Huber’s Orchard & Winery

Located in Starlight, this farm is a staple for Southern Indiana residents. From wagon rides out to the orchard to tours of the winery, there are tons of Instagram worthy photo spots here. The fall season is a particularly popular time with visits to the pumpkin patch and Halloween themed decorations. But as the seasons change at the farm, the pictures change as well making this one of our top Instagrammable spots in Southern Indiana. The winery and orchard are the main features here, but a recently added distillery and the onsite restaurant are favorites as well. And for those looking for a place to get married, it's hard to go wrong at Huber's. Special events held throughout the year, make this a place to visit time and time again.

* Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Schoonover

9. Culbertson Mansion - New Albany

Not only is the Culbertson Mansion a hidden gem in Southern Indiana, but it is also an incredible background for photos. Whether you are just walking past or take time to schedule a tour of the inside, the incredible architecture, the colors, the design, and the craftsmanship of yesteryear, make this photogenic mansion a great place for pictures and selfies. In addition to tours of this amazing property, the house often plays host to special events and can even be rented for private parties.

* Photo Courtesy of Oliver Mahata

10. Riverstage - Jeffersonville

The Jeffersonville Riverstage is the crown jewel of summertime in Downtown Jeffersonville. The stage which is crafted out of a barge that used to be a floating restaurant is set in place on the banks of the Ohio River from late spring to early fall. Here you'll find live music, movies, and a variety of other live events. Locals flock to the fill the grass seats of amphitheater and take in the entertainment with two bridges and the downtown Louisville Skyline as the backdrop.

* Photos Courtesy of Hanna Phillips

What are your favorite Southern Indiana photo and selfie spots? Add yours in the comments below.


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