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Should You Build A Custom Home?

With home inventory remaining at historic lows across Southern Indiana, many homebuyers are increasingly asking the question, "Should I build a new home?".

We interviewed custom home builder, Grant Howard of Howard Built Homes, to ask the questions our clients ask most often in regards to building a custom home.

In the following video interview you'll learn:

- How much does it cost to build a custom home? (or at least how you can find out)

- How long does the process take?

- What are the first steps?

- Who will help guide me through the process?

- What kinds of things can I pick and/or design when building a custom home?

All of those answers and more in our interview with Grant Howard:

Grant Howard is the owner of Howard Built Homes and he has over 15 years in the real estate industry including real estate sales, home flipping and remodeling, and new construction.

The HBH website has more detailed information about what the steps of home building process looks like and their Facebook page is a great place to find pictures of their current building projects. Here are links to each:


Facebook Page:

For more information about custom building, connect with Howard Built Homes via their website or you can email the 812 Living Group at and we would be happy to connect you.


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