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One Simple (And Cheap) Way To Save Hundreds On Appliance Repairs

As my appliance guy handed me the bill for the repairs he just completed, he gently suggested that a $20 surge protector likely could have saved me the nearly $700 cost to replace the electronics in my refrigerator that had been fried. Add to it the hundreds of dollars in food that went bad, and a week's worth of frustration, and I decided to take his advice.

Today’s appliances are loaded with new age features. Many refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves are Wi-Fi enabled, Bluetooth capable, and some can even place online orders for things they need without needing to check with you first.

But all of this technology means today’s appliances are full of circuit boards and chips that can break and cause expensive repairs we didn’t imagine a decade or so ago.

My Family noticed a little over a week ago that our fridge had stopped cooling. The food inside was not as cold as it should have been and it was covered in condensation from the dropping temperature.

So I called 812 Living Group MVP (Most Valuable Provider), Cornelius Butler, with Go Pro Appliance Repair and told him what was going on. After just a few quick diagnostic questions, Cornelius indicated he thought he knew what the problem was.

We set a time for him to come check it out and within a few minutes after arriving at my home he broke the bad news to me; two of the refrigerators circuit boards were malfunctioning.

Cornelius said this is a problem he is seeing more and more frequently for two reasons. First, the amount of electronic components inside each appliance is growing with each new model. Secondly, Cornelius said, “We’ve been seeing a lot of these circuit boards get destroyed due to an increase in power surges across the area.”

Though he’s not sure of the exact cause of the surges, Cornelius indicated that there is an almost epidemic level of circuit board failure in appliances that he and his team attribute to the power coming into our homes.

The solution, Cornelius says, is a simple one. He recommended I get a surge protector to plug into the wall outlet that my fridge will plug into. The fridge has some surge protection built into it, but generally it's not enough to handle the surges that have been occurring more recently.

I've included a couple of links to highly rated surge protectors below that can be purchased via Amazon.

These surge protection devices are common enough that they should be available in most stores where electronics are sold. You can even opt for a “whole house surge protector” that is connected to your electrical panel. A licensed electrician can help you with this.

The bottom line is you can spend twenty to thirty dollars on a product that may save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. And to me, that makes a surge protector a bargain you can't afford to go without.

If you would like for us to connect you with Cornelius at Go Pro Appliance Repair, message us at We can also connect you with one of our MVP electricians.

Finally, here is a link to some of the most common appliance issues:


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