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Local Woman's Facebook Account Stolen And What She Did To Get It Back May Surprise You.

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

If you've been on Facebook or other social media platforms long enough, you either have had your account hacked or know someone who has.

Recently, there has been an uptick in Facebook accounts being stolen. That's right, stolen.

One of my colleagues recently had her account ripped off to the point where she could no longer access it and all of her memories, photos, and business pages were at risk of being lost for good.

She quickly learned that Facebook was unable or unwilling to help her recover the account and what she did next was as surprising as it was effective.

See the full interview below ...

We learned a lot from Shannon's experience regarding how to protect our own Facebook accounts and wanted to share with our followers.

In addition, we found that provides some additional information on proactively setting up your account to avoid the scenario and pain that Shannon went through as well as the same resources Shannon used if you should find yourself in her position. Check out some of's tips here:

While preparing for this post, we spoke with several of our Southern Indiana friends and clients and found that social media account hacking and theft is here and impacting people locally. And it appears the number of people being affected is growing quickly.

We know this post might seem out of place for a blog that is designed to distribute local news and real estate information, however our goal as a real estate team is to be a resource for our clients and community even in areas that aren't necessarily housing related. So as we discovered people in our community were being impacted by this we felt this information was helpful and important enough to share with you.

Proactively taking these steps to protect your account today, might save you a lot of time, headache, and money in the future.


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