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Local Fitness Center Offering Holiday Health Challenge

Each year around this time I tell myself that since I did so well with my New Year's health resolutions way back in January and February, I will give myself a break for the holidays.

That break usually includes eating an obscene amount of candy from my kid's trick-or-treating stash, a free no-limits pass to the Thanksgiving Day buffet, and a guilt free Christmas season full of candy canes, pies, and all-you-can-eat Christmas cookies. I do all of this with the thought that I'll start doing better again come January 2nd.

413 Fitness in New Albany has seen this pattern play out far too often with many of the people that come to them for help. This year they are taking a proactive approach to help people survive and thrive this holiday season.

We sat down with Margaret Bramer who is co-owner and Head Nutrition Coach at 413 Fitness to get the details on their upcoming Holiday Fitness Challenge.

Off camera, Margaret shared that this challenge is open to people of all fitness levels and that it was specifically designed to remove as many barriers as possible for people to participate.

She shared that while you are encouraged to visit the fitness center in person, that they also have exercise routines built for doing at home with no equipment so that when the busyness of the holiday season strikes, you can still achieve your health goals.

Finally, Margaret shared that this isn't just a diet and exercise plan. The health challenge they have designed incorporates diet, exercise, meal planning, tools and hacks, and tips for handling the mental side of trying to stay healthy through the end of the year temptations.

To sign up for the Health Challenge, click here:

To learn more about 413 Fitness and the services they provide, visit their website at


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