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Jeffersonville Getting New Emergency Room

Southern Indiana residents who have medical emergencies will soon have more options for care and treatment.

Baptist Health has announced a partnership with a Intuitive Health, a Texas-based company, to bring a unique emergency room/urgent care clinic to Jeffersonville.

This hybrid model will be a first for Southern Indiana and it will be located in the Jefferson Ridge development in the area which is coming to be known as 'East Jeff'.

Based on a plan posted on the developers website, this new medical facility will be behind the strip center that currently houses McCallister's Deli, Parnelli's, and other retail businesses and will be across the road from the Kroger complex. You can see the map here:

The emergency room will be a full service 24/7 operation and should provide an excellent option for residents of this growing area who's other options are currently a drive to downtown Jeffersonville, downtown Louisville, or crossing into Louisville East to find emergency care.

The urgent care clinic portion will provide access to non-emergency medical care and per a news release, the hours of operation will be 7 days per week from 7am-9pm each day.

Intuitive Health built the first facility of this kind in Frisco, Texas in 2008 and has continued expanding this types of hybrid facility across Texas and beyond per their website. They believe this hybrid model serves the patient well, because a person can come to one location and a medical professional can determine if urgent care or emergency care is best for the situation. This can potentially save patients time and money versus going

to a stand alone emergency room for care.

You can learn more about Intuitive Health and their operations here:

This new facility is expected to open summer of 2020.



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*Image courtesy of Baptist Health

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