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IU Southeast Economist Sees Local Economy Remaining Strong Through Rest Of 2021

If you like economic data and how it impacts the economy, especially the local market, then you are definitely going to want to click on the link below.

Respected Indiana University Southeast Professor, Dr Uric Dufrene, recently weighed in with his thoughts on the housing market and what it means for buyers and sellers in Southern Indiana.

I have had the opportunity to hear Dr. Dufrene speak on a couple of occasions and I've found that he is gifted at analyzing complex economic data, breaking it down, and communicating what it means in a clear and concise fashion to his listeners (and readers). This article is no different.

If you want to skip all of the data, here is his closing conclusion:

"Higher home values are building stronger household balance sheets, and household debt as a percentage of income has declined. Stronger household net worth, linked to home values and equity markets, along with elevated savings rates, will help sustain the strong recovery through the rest of 2021."

For all of Dr. Dufrene's analysis, please visit our friends at One Southern Indiana where the full article is posted:


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