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How To Save On Rising Energy Costs

Energy costs are rising along with the prices of just about everything else. And while you can cut back on entertainment and delay the purchase of luxury items, it's much harder to avoid spending money on energy needs.

However, there are ways to reduce your energy consumption in order to help your budget and offset the rising costs of gas and electric bills.

If you want to understand why energy prices are rising across the globe, this article gives some good reasoning and context:

If you want to jump straight to the how-to's of how to reduce your energy costs, then take a look at this video with Clark County REMC representative, Brian Omerso. Brian shares:

- Tips for reducing energy consumption

- Talks about what to do if you can't afford to pay your bill

- Information on REMC's solar program and how members can participate

- Electric Vehicle charging station partnership with REMC

In addition to some of the bigger options Brian discussed, there are also some smaller/free things you can do to take small bites out of your electric bill. This article from BC Hydro offers 21 No-Cost Ways To Save Electricity:

If you want to find out more about REMC and the programs they offer, please check out or on their Facebook page at

Duke Energy is the other big electric company servicing Southern Indiana homeowners. They offer some helpful articles on their website as well at


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