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How To Get Your Fall Maintenance Repairs and "Honey Do-List" Done For You

To keep a home looking and operating at it's best, it requires regular maintenance.

At the 812 Living Group we want to make home maintenance as easy and pain-free as possible for our clients and followers. That is why we have created our own "Fall Maintenance Checklist".

"I don't have time for all of this upkeep", you say? Well we thought of that too. Which is why we wanted to bring on one of our 812 Living Group MVPs, TGAP Property Services to talk about how they can help you with your home maintenance needs.

In our interview with TGAP Co-owner, Cory Pixley, you will learn about:

- Common Fall Maintenance repairs

- How TGAP can help

- Where you can get a copy of our Fall Maintenance Checklist

Watch the full interview here:

As Cory said, TGAP can help with just about any home project you have. Whether its knocking out a list of fall maintenance items, significant home repair issues, or other projects, TGAP is just a phone call away.

To connect with TGAP to schedule work or to get an estimate, visit:

To get a copy of the 812 Living Group's Fall Maintenance Checklist, email:


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