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Here's Why Getting Pre-Approved With The Wrong Lender Could Be Devastating

If you've ever considered buying a home, then you've probably heard it before, "You have to get pre-approved!!!"

But getting pre-approved with the right lender is just as important, maybe even more important, than just getting approved in and of itself.

The list of advantages to getting pre-approved for a mortgage before beginning your home search is a long one. For example, getting pre-approved:

- Let's you know where you stand financially before you begin shopping for a home

- Helps you determine the costs of borrowing money up front

- Helps you know how much you can afford to spend on a home

- Is often required by sellers before they will approve you to see their home

- Is an absolute must if you plan to make an offer on a home

And there are a variety of other benefits as well.

However, getting approved with the right lender can save you time, effort, money, and possibly heartache. Don't believe me? Listen to this quick interview with local mortgage expert Brad Sea, where he tells the story of a client who recently came to him after getting "approved" with another lender before turning to Brad for help:

In addition to finding a local lender who knows the Southern Indiana area, it's important to find a lender who completes a thorough pre-approval process so you can make offers with confidence knowing that barring any unforeseeable surprises, the money will be there when you are ready to close on your new home.

Finally it's important to start with a lender who is willing and able to help coach you through any credit challenges you may have instead of leaving you to face them on your own.

In our experience, Brad Sea and his team at Kentuckiana Mortgage Group checks all of these boxes.

If you are considering buying a home and want to check on pre-approval, you can connect with Brad at

Have questions about the home buying process? Connect with the 812 Living Group real estate team at and let us walk you through our Home Buyer Jumpstart process.


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