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Americans Seem Afraid To Fly And It Could Mean Bad News For The Economy

This chart from FRED shows that American travel has slowed down again.

Travel by car came back the quickest after the pandemic lockdowns because people could travel alone or with their 'bubble' companions.

We finally started seeing a recovery in rail and plane travel in mid-2020 but it has recently stalled again.

Economists are hopeful that as the percentage of Americans who get vaccinated grows, more people will feel comfortable traveling via mass transportation.

Travel statistics have long been an indicator of economic health because it often shows that individualsand businesses have excess income and revenue to spendon leisure and business travel activities. But the data has been complicated by how Covid-19 has forced people to use other forms of transportation.

Regardless, if we don't see an uptick in travel numbers soon, many economists believe it can mean bad news for the economy overall.



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