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A Sneak Peak At The Newest Tacos In Town

There has been a lot of buzz about Torchy’s Tacos coming to Southern Indiana. Much of it has come from people who have tried Torchy’s already in other parts of the country and are singing Torchy’s praises. But quite frankly, the Torchy’s team has done an admirable job of spreading the word and the love through the local community as they prepare for their grand opening.

I (Mike) was lucky enough to score an invite to their by-appointment-only soft opening to give their menu and store a taste test.

As one might expect for a restaurant launch, Torchy's was well staffed during my visit there. I checked in for my taco appointment (which i’ve determined is the best kind of appointment to have), and was escorted into the store.

I walked up to one of the open registers and a Torchy’s employee walked me through their offering. After ordering they give you Torchy’s pager and you wait while your tacos are made fresh.

As a part of this soft open, Torchy’s gave me a complimentary appetizer, two tacos, and a fountain drink. None of which is impacting this review. Except for the queso. The free queso is totally influencing this review. But I’ll get to that shortly.

The first thing I noticed is that these aren’t your ordinary tacos. With taco names like “Scallywag” and “Trailer Park”, which you can have made “Extra Trashy” by request, Torchy’s seeks to make their taco experience fun and unique.

But you can have fun and be unique and still fall short if the end product doesn’t taste good. This is where Torchy’s seems to hit the trifecta. My tacos were made with fresh ingredients and the combination of items they put inside your choice of corn or wheat tortilla hits the mark.

For one of my tacos I did choose the aforementioned “Trailer Park”. For it’s meat, the Trailer Park starts with fried chicken … I told you it was unique. This taco comes with green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo, cheddar jack cheese, and something called pablano sauce. I opted to make mine ‘extra trashy’, so they withheld the lettuce and added queso.

For my second taco I had the “Green Chile Pork”, which turned out to be my favorite of the two. Again each taco comes with its own standard combination of ingredients which are listed on the menu. I did however request that a couple of the ingredients be left off of this taco and my server easily accommodated. So despite the predetermined ingredients, you can definitely customize each taco to your own liking.

For my appetizer I chose the only option that any taco loving human should choose, the chips and queso. Now here’s my only beef with Torchy’s. I love queso, but I don’t love guacamole. And while Torchy’s does have two different queso offerings, both appear to have a dollop of guacamole in them. Having said that, I was able to dip around the guac and found the flavor of the queso to be amazing. Next time I visit I may ask to get it without the guac because the queso by itself is definitely worth it. And to be fair, I did talk to a couple of people who were also trying the queso and they loved it with the guacamole, so to each his own.

In addition to 12 different lunch taco options, Torchy’s also has a burrito option, a taco salad option, a few different side items, AND (cue the heavenly chorus) a breakfast taco menu.

To top everything off, Torchy’s Jeffersonville will have a liquor license to serve alcoholic beverages. I spoke to one of the employees who informed me that they are still waiting on the liquor license to get finalized, but they will eventually have a full bar. They have a menu of custom Torchy’s cocktails and will also serve beer including several local beer options.

Torchy’s does have Vegan-friendly options and they do have a “Gluten Conscious” menu, although they do offer a disclaimer about possible cross-contamination so I will need to take Mrs. 812 for a visit to see if it can pass her gluten-free test.

Overall, Torchy’s lives up to the hype. They do make Damn Good tacos, they have a unique offering, and they seem to have fun doing it. If you like tacos, I think you’ll like Torchy’s. They will make a great addition to the local food scene.

You can check out Torchy's for yourself on April 7th for their Grand Opening and keep tabs on them on their Facebook page at:

Welcome Torchy's Tacos to THE 812!

*FYI, I did inquire about gift cards and was told they aren’t set up for them yet. So as soon as they are, I will plan to grab a few as a giveaway to help introduce you to Torchy’s. Stay Tuned*



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